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Economic Miracle Postpones? Political - Is Still Continuing...

Economic Miracle Postpones? Political - Is Still Continuing...
Оleg Sultanov 27.06.2009

The World Bank in its report about economy in Russia designates longstanding stresses

If to trust "imperialistic" paper - strainers Russia will round off this year with increase of poverty level of the population to 17,4%, while unemployment level will raise to 13%. Predicted indicators, of course, do not please but they are quite probable as for expired five months of 2009 real gross national product in the country was reduced to 10%. I do not know to what gods they pray in the Kremlin but I assume that requests for increase of the world prices for oil, for strengthening of investment inflow from abroad on the share market of Russia prevail in messages to the man upstairs.

Now the Kremlin propagation should get reconstructed on the move as millions Russians got convinced that widely advertised earlier by party in power "Putin's plan" appeared to be a "garbage" suitable to use only in conditions of high prices for raw materials. High prices for oil generated in our leaders illusion that it would proceed eternally. That illusion promoted to that our economy represents now a huge and vicious construction possible to be operated using, in my opinion, only dictatorial methods.

It's not very pleasant to scavenge of the society but the time comes to recognize fairly crash of attempts of the Kremlin to solve social and economic problems by means of appeared to be false attributes of "sovereign democracy". Whether it's possible to solve these problems, if no structural reforms which accurate carrying out would lead to development of real competitiveness, growth, economy diversification, labour productivity increase haven't been carried out for 10 years?!

National-theoretical concrete definition of claims of the Kremlin on public respect is artless, it's put in short assertion:

"President's Program on Carrying out of Reforms:

1. To make people rich and happy.

Attachment 1. The list of people is enclosed"...

Let's be frank, hardly it's possible to find a person in the Russian Federation (including its president) who is capable to state clearly the main ideological currents, theories which played important role in genesis of ideology of "Edinaya Russia". Actually what is the ideology of this strange party declaring itself as an advance party of society?

Therefore if one should be surprised at pitiable results of "development" of the Russian economy and statehood; today's leaders of our country in their activity do not lean against any settled belief system, precise state concepts. The cult of the party which does not have any national roots is being spread in the country and this cult includes eulogy of one concrete person, a set of some primitive ideas and slogans which do not have any common sense. Therefore, probably, each inhabitant of Russia has been got accustomed to begin the day with attentive sight at teletablet with prices for oil ...

From editorial board: Obviously speaking about "economic miracle", in any way it is necessary to tell about other phenomenon accompanying this economic event - a real miracle of political domination of one person who has come to power having in his biography absolutely nothing outstanding or at least more or less considerable, possessing no personal qualities which it would be possible to name "dropping out of" (except for serious successes in sambo-wrestling), who hasn't managed for almost a decade even to formulate his credo - not even ideological, just simple one stated his personal position ("crackdown", "to cut off that would not grown", etc. can't be taken into account).


His "branded" party "Edinaya Russia" absolutely precisely corresponds to this grey stain on a place of the national leader. The party which is able to do without any ideology and to win with enormous breakaway in the society seeming yesterday both educated and rather politized.

Actually, the question is what happened to the society?

There are many societies known with expressed narrow-minded trend but their inwardness usually can be easily described by word "browned off". However semipoor Russian society could be considered as "browned off" by a stretch of imagination. The most interesting thing is where is our immemorial truth - searching, where are high principles and light ideals? There's such an impression that a grey stain established in the Kremlin with a speed of ink drop is being spread out across Russia as on a blotter of the first-grader.

Actually here you are the main miracle - self-castration of society which even yesterday, within our memory was considered as one of centers of birth of rationales on a planet. SELF-castration as neither CIA, nor world Zionism, nor other "dark forces" would be capable to make such thing with the nuts of our people by definition.

Once I invented the term which took root - socio-cultural degradation but it's not an explanation, it's only the process description. What's its meaning, where's its original cause?

People loose fruitfulness without this important element. Actually it loses ability to react even on very dangerous, even on mortally dangerous irritators. What crisis matters, apparently, if you declare, as in an old joke, the order to be hung up on the Red Square, only activists of "Edinaya Russia" will have questions - to take a rope and soap with them or they will be given out?

Аnatoly Baranov, neo-Trotskyist  


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